Prairie Birch and Maple Bench

This is a long hall bench (40″ by 15″ wide and 19″ tall) finished in contact safe oils. No stain, nails or screws were used. Every component is pressure fit and glued. The legs and frame support are constructed from a single, aged, maple branch grown onsite. The birch top is from a log salvaged in the Fraser River by a local tug operator.

The grain in this birch specimen is unique with chocolate and caramel colors swirling on a backdrop of creme and ash tones. The rough cut plank still has the sanded and preserved texture of the mill saw on the underside. One edge still has a unique burl notch making it one of a kind. The top and sides are glassy smooth and oiled to a natural polish with some good depth and quilting (the natural shimmer). The maple legs are lightly sanded and left with their natural twists and turns. Everyone who’s seen the bench immediately reaches out and touches the surfaces. It feels solid and comfortable with the unique blend of these two complementary hardwoods. This bench is definitely one of our faves.

81-BL-04-12 Birch and maple, finished in FDA approved cutting board oil. Click the thumb nails to see the unique characteristics of this wood.



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