Garden Picture Frame and Mirror

prairiebench_garden_picture_frame 4

Another piece of wood on the todo pile was this interesting live edge cut of hemlock. There wasn’t enough length to create a table and the wood grain is interesting enough that in this case, form doesn’t need function. We’ve dubbed it the Garden Picture Frame.

The piece is 30″ square, hand ground and finished in weather resistant Prairie Bench Storybook finish. We might commission a painting, but for now it will sit on a rough cut easel and provide a simple window on imagination.


Update: We’ve added a mirror!


Cedar Benches


These are approximately 48″ long and 15″ wide x 18″ tall. Ideal for hallways, entry ways, and patios. The 2″ thick cedar slabs are finished to 180 grit and coated in clear poly. The legs are hand fashioned from the same slab and with bark highlights.


pb cedar slab benches 1

pb cedar slab benches 3

pb cedar slab benches 4

pb cedar slab benches 2



Tree Table and Chairs


The set includes four chairs and a pedestal table designed for lunch, coffee, or playing cards.  The table is fir and is 27″ tall, the chair seats are 16.5″. The color is our ‘storybook’ mix and the surface is finished in polyurethane for durability. The low chair backs give just enough support and encourage people to lean in and participate. We wanted a treehouse feel and a fun place to have a bowl of soup.

Design 96 – 100-BL-08-12

Twin Birch and Maple Bench Set

A client saw our first birch and maple bench and asked for two in a set. Each uses a free fallen salvaged birch, which was milled into planks. Both are 17.5″ inches tall, slightly less than normal seat height. They are very sturdy with solid maple legs pruned last year from a tree that’s actively producing. They were aged outside and off the ground to give them a weathered patina. The entire surface is covered in butcher block oil, one of the nicest for indoor use that takes very little maintenance. We couldn’t bring ourselves to finish these in varnish, and shellac would have affected some natural tones.

All the surfaces are very smooth and touchable, and comfortable enough for two people to share seat. We think a matching bistro table might be coming soon.

Approximately 36″x14″x17.5″tall. Birch and maple, finished in butcher block oil. Pictured: 87-BL-05-12; 88-BL-05-12