Prairie Bench Fashion

Take a moment to look through our exclusive, original designs. We do all our own art, inspired by the area we live in. Leave a private comment if you wish more information or…

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Owl Fashion

Check out our new line of Owl T-Shirts and Sweatshirts. (I’m wearing an Owl Sweatshirt right now!) They come in Womens’ navy long sleeve, Womens’ 3/4 sleeve, Mens’ dark grey sweatshirt, and Mens’ long sleeve light grey.
… and here is the actual model for the design, a young Barred Owl (left side) on the same perch that we displayed the t-shirts—a hazelnut tree.

Womens’ Long Sleeve

  • navy with medium grey print
  • heavy cotton
  • form fitted
  • 5’7″ model wearing medium
  • this our “Night” design, an inverse of the original artwork to give the impression of the owl at night

Womens’ 3/4 Sleeve

  • navy with light grey ink features our “Night” Owl
  • form fitted
  • v neck
  • light cotton blend
  • 5’7″ model wearing large
  • recommend ordering a size larger
The Womens’ 3/4 Sleeve is our most popular t-shirt. It’s light, a good fit, and perfect for spring, summer, or fall. This is our “Night” design, an inverse image of the original design, in order to give the impression of the owl at night.

Mens’ Sweatshirt

Model is 6’1″ and wearing a large in our “Night” owl print.
  • long sleeve
  • crew neck
  • dark grey / light grey ink
  • heavy blend
  • unisex style
  • our “Night” owl design
  • warm & fuzzy inside!
  • model is 5’7″ wearing a large
  • model is 5’7″ wearing a medium

Mens’ Long Sleeve

  • light grey / black ink
  • long sleeve
  • crew neck
  • light blend
  • reproduction of original Barred Owl artwork – our “Day” design.
  • model is 5’7″ wearing men’s size medium

Womens’ Sport Jacket

  • Day” crest design
  • light soft shell
  • lined
  • great for spring/summer
  • racing collar
  • pockets
  • plastic zipper
  • winter white/dark grey ink
  • model is 5’7″ wearing medium
  • order a 3/4 Sleeve T for the extreme Owl look.

Bee Paw Light T-Shirt

  • navy with white print
  • heavy cotton blend
  • mens’/unisex style
  • Our original design using a sketch by one of our designers on a cedar slat

We wear what we design.

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