Tree Table and Chairs


The set includes four chairs and a pedestal table designed for lunch, coffee, or playing cards.  The table is fir and is 27″ tall, the chair seats are 16.5″. The color is our ‘storybook’ mix and the surface is finished in polyurethane for durability. The low chair backs give just enough support and encourage people to lean in and participate. We wanted a treehouse feel and a fun place to have a bowl of soup.

Design 96 – 100-BL-08-12

Altered Throne


This was designed specifically for a band’s stage prop. We enjoyed the challenge of building the six foot chair, cutting it in half and then buckling it back together. There’s four components: left and right side, the hand-carved back of a band member’s tattoo, and the seat. The construction is durable includes wheels to move the chair into position.

Spruce finished in dark walnut stain and polyurethane. Includes four steel hasps, four buckles and the seat is positioned on dowels to lock the frame as well.

Approximate dimensions: 6’x27″x27″. Seat height is at 18″.

Click on the thumbnails to see assembly.  It’s actually quicker for one person to assemble the chair in an upright position, lock, and go—takes thirty seconds.