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IMG_20160330_010403 is looking after a second site. Surrounded by a Ponderosa pine ecological preserve and across the street from a provincial park. We are taking down the standing deadwood and reducing the fire hazard, picking quality samples to use in future designs.

The site is situated in its valley with a meadow, extensive pine, fir, aspen, and cedar stands. Juniper, kinnickinnick, wildflowers, and wild strawberries cover the ground. This is the northernmost reaches of the Ponderosa pine belt and a protected area. Residents include local squirrels, chipmunks, ravens, grouse, whiskeyjacks, wolf, possible cougar (see paw print next to axe), wild horses, big horn sheep, deer, elk, bear, and moose.

It’s a diverse and rugged location and we were humbled by the opportunity to access select pieces of character wood for our clients. We may add amenities and offer friends and patrons a breathtaking retreat for creative pursuits, snow sports, hiking, and a chance to escape in a unique natural environment. It’s in the ‘magic triangle’ between the ‘center of the universe’ at Vidette, the ‘origin of life’ in Pavilion Lake, and the doorstep to the Chilcotin Plateau. This is the wild west.

Soon we’ll be showcasing new projects using blue timber and more of our weathered plank furniture. We’ll also enjoy touring the region for reclaimed samples and select barnwood from past eras. We’re always collecting antique iron and old fixtures to incorporate in our ideas. Check back for updates.


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