Reflection Bench

The Reflection Bench designed itself. The seat and back came from one piece of reclaimed spruce tree. During the finishing process, the blond blaze through the center of the timber was accentuated and then the frame was built to enhance this feature. The result is a shimmering look with the back reflected in the seat. A single, ergonomic arm rest is used to give the bench an open, welcoming feel. Also, affirmations of observation, vista, vantage, foresight and understanding are scribed in the joinery. This is a unique timber from an individual tree and rare to see this tone and contrast in a solid piece of wood.

The Reflection Bench is finished in tung and rosewood oils to preserve the natural look and feel.

#26-BL-12-11 Sold

Approximate dimensions: 48″w x 32″d x 34″h

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