Replica Medieval Fantasy Throne

This solid spruce throne with Prairie Bench Storybook finish was designed for stage shows. It is very stable and heavy, built so the performers could sit and climb all over it.

It is termed ‘a replica’ because we used metal screws for added strength. In our traditional medieval thrones we use no metal in the frame construction and they are authentic thrones. The back and seat are ground with disk sander and gouged to look battle worn. Dragon bites are also visible.

93-BL-06-12 Solid reclaimed spruce and finished in dark walnut stain and polyurethane finish.

6′ 5″ tall. Seat height 18″, and approximately 29″ square. Click images to enlarge.

The Repose Bench

In our ongoing fascination with ancient furniture, we wanted to design a unique bench that used a curved surface. The trick is in the joinery. We created barrel staves out of reclaimed spruce with vertical grain lath for stability. The X frame legs were another carry over from old world designs. Though, we’ll try this again in a box frame.

The Repose, as we call it, invites the sitter to lounge appropriately. Designed for the boudoir, or a photography studio, combine a few throw pillows and it forces the seated to assume a most flattering, nonchalant and radiant pose. It’s the Prairie Bench spin on early Grecian and Roman stools, where the partaking of peeled fruit and philosophy was the order.

Check earlier post for the accompanying, smaller, Attendant Stool. The same design, but in a traditional half moon shape specifically for the grape peeler.

Both are intended to alternate as a bedroom clothes heap holder.

Repose: 90-BL-06-12, reclaimed spruce, finished in dark walnut stain and counter oil.

The Attendant Stool

The Attendant Stool is the accompanying seat to the Repose bench. Both use arch-top, or barrel stave designs that we use in our shields and saddle horses. This is a wonderful stool for piling clothes in a bedroom, or a handy seat for the attendant.

The stool is designed in reclaimed spruce, finished in dark walnut stain and counter oil. Size is approximately 24″ wide x 16″ tall at the valley.

Attendant Stool: 91-BL-06-12

Rustic Reclaimed Pine Coffee Table

We received a load of reclaimed pine planks last season. Now we are starting to look at some ways to use them.  After pulling nails and compressing the boards to straighten them, we planed and sanded the stock to discover some unique dark tones and grain. For the first batch, pine patio tables with a trick hood—the top is split and opens up to reveal a storage box, or cubby, for entertaining supplies, favorite reading material or games.

Size: 20x20x20 and 24x24x20 (shown). Finished in natural color and rosewood oil.

Series numbers: 82-BL-05-12 and 83-BL-05-12 (shown)