Songwriter Bench


This was a fun design. It has lots of curves, the arms are at different levels: one skinny to prop a guitar, and the other wide to write notes, and there’s a sneak-box underneath the seat to hide lyrics and keepsakes. The bench is sturdy and has a comfortable back slope built in. If you play and instrument or entertain guests on the patio, this is your office.

The Songwriter Bench has a 36″ seat length. Reclaimed fir and spruce, finished in rosewood oil. #27-BL-01-12


Clothes Horse

Saddle storage in the barn makes for a nice clothes horse in the bedroom. If you feel the anxiety of cleaning up your room, the Prairie Bench clothes horse is for you. Toss your clothes over the smooth rounded bench top, and you’re done cleaning.

Other designs include small shelves for towels and shampoo, then set the clothes horse over a heat vent in the bathroom to keep things warm and you have a convenient, rustic functional piece to include in your ensuite or next to the bath.

Check back soon, we’re using the same arched top in an antique cargo trunk design.

Pictured clothes horse, and variations on design #60-BL-01-12

We designed a new shade for this series using red cedar tones and chestnut browns. We call it ‘boudoir’.