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Gold Pocket Watch Found

Metal detecting near an old farmhouse revealed several treasures including a tractor part, an old bent nail, two cabinet hinges, a tin can lid, some foil, and… a Gold Pocket Watch!

Ever seeking fun old things, one of our carvers discovered this cache near the remains of an old farmhouse in an abandoned site. The watch was located within 5 minutes approx. 6″ below the surface. The tractor part was beneath a tree root and had to be extracted to avoid damaging the tree.

The tractor part could be a hitch or a cleat to steady a backhoe.

The watch appears to be gold plated, with corrosion now appearing from beneath the plating. It looks to be a member of the Waltham product line, a US manufacturer, circa 1925. No restoration plans are in order, the find was fun enough, and the tractor part now rests in a place of prominence in a small garden.

A small glass goblet was also found. Unfortunately, it was cracked. It would have been fun to use it to toast the find.

The metal was detected with a Radio Shack Discovery 1000 on the high setting.

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