Old Plank Cedar Chest

prairie bench cedar chest 2

Cedar trunk in progress. A 100 year old camel back trunk sits in the background.

prairie bench cedar chest 3 prairie bench cedar chest 1

A friend dropped off a few pieces of old growth cedar reclaimed from a demolition. These were 2×6″ used in the attic. Cut to size and planed, the planks are now an arch top cedar chest. The arch top and it’s relative, the camel back, prevented others from stacking luggage on top. Your luggage would be last on and first off at the steam ship dock.

There are still some iron fixtures and hinges to go on, but we thought you might likeĀ  to see some incredibly old cedar being put to reuse. The hardware will have to be old and worn, or we will make our own from steel flat bar.

The grain is very tight and the planks were heavy despite being cedar and completely dry. This one might be a keeper when it’s done, or maybe a traveling companion on display.

Approx size: 32″ wide x 22″ tall x 16″ deep
Approx weight: 30 lbs.

(Back with more pictures when it’s all shiny.)

The Attendant Stool

The Attendant Stool is the accompanying seat to the Repose bench. Both use arch-top, or barrel stave designs that we use in our shields and saddle horses. This is a wonderful stool for piling clothes in a bedroom, or a handy seat for the attendant.

The stool is designed in reclaimed spruce, finished in dark walnut stain and counter oil. Size is approximately 24″ wide x 16″ tall at the valley.

Attendant Stool: 91-BL-06-12

Medieval Style Saddle Horse

A friend asked us for a version of our clothes horse for use to hold saddles. The construction is almost identical with a slightly different finish, using more wood tones and emphasis on a worn grain. Care is easy, just use saddle oil.


Prairie Bench Saddle Horse 64-BL-02-12

Clothes Horse

Saddle storage in the barn makes for a nice clothes horse in the bedroom. If you feel the anxiety of cleaning up your room, the Prairie Bench clothes horse is for you. Toss your clothes over the smooth rounded bench top, and you’re done cleaning.

Other designs include small shelves for towels and shampoo, then set the clothes horse over a heat vent in the bathroom to keep things warm and you have a convenient, rustic functional piece to include in your ensuite or next to the bath.

Check back soon, we’re using the same arched top in an antique cargo trunk design.

Pictured clothes horse, and variations on design #60-BL-01-12

We designed a new shade for this series using red cedar tones and chestnut browns. We call it ‘boudoir’.