Medieval Style Saddle Horse

A friend asked us for a version of our clothes horse for use to hold saddles. The construction is almost identical with a slightly different finish, using more wood tones and emphasis on a worn grain. Care is easy, just use saddle oil.


Prairie Bench Saddle Horse 64-BL-02-12

Dragon Shield 2

The designing and carving the first dragon shield was so much fun, that we tried another version. This increases the arch by 2 degrees with each stave. The result is a more aerodynamic shield with excellent dragon defense qualities. The woodcut design follows the original sketch, however each carving is unique and no two give off the same tone or sense of foreboding. Ideal mounted above a fireplace or in a place of honor above your dragon memorabilia.

63-BL-02-12 Fashioned in reclaimed spruce and fir with rosewood and linseed oils.


Dragon Woodcut Shield

When creating the arch top design for the saddle and clothes horses, we set aside some extra wood to create several shields and masks.

This example is a dragon woodcut with an moon motif. The project involves using a cooper technique to cut and size the wood. The back is framed in. Then the outside design is sketched and chiseled. After staining and more sanding, a rich antique luster grabs the eye of onlookers as you march of glen and glade in search of those scaly creatures.

The shield should be good for some significant whacks with a tail or five minutes of full on dragon breath. Great for 2012.

62-BL-02-12 Finished in traditional oils. Designed in reclaimed spruce and fir.