Natural Spruce Empire Stool

This is a traditional empire stool which was designed for travel on long journeys. We’ve used reclaimed spruce planks, complete with scratches, and drill marks plugged with ash dowels. There are no nails or screws, in fact no metal is used in the design. The seat is pegged to the frame with hemlock dowels. A cubby connects the frame and adds lateral support. Hand grips are ground out on the underside of the seat. The finish is polyurethane. No stain is used.

These chairs are great accents in a hall or bedroom and can often be found with a few clothes or jackets resting on top.

The finished size is 21″x15″ and stands 18″ tall. #07-29-18  Click on images to expand.

Knight’s Shield

This is an original design for a patron who requested a knight’s shield to display. It is fully functional defensive armor for various axe, sword or arrow affronts.

The ‘Knight of Sword and Cross Shield’ was created in spruce. The frame was cut and glued, then a design was sketched. Next the design components were chiseled and sanded. Then the shield was stained in Prairie Bench Storybook and finished in polyurethane. The rivets or ‘clavos’ were fired from bolts and the heads were ground. These are to dull the opponents’ blade in battle. A handle was fired and bolted to the back. Finally, the shield is branded and hand numbered.

Designed in spruce. 32″ tall. Finished in Prairie Bench Storybook. #17-03-11-BL


Carved Wizard Wand


This is a wand carved from a hazelnut branch and bears an affirmation in runic Middle Earth script. It is approximately 15″ long and 1.5″ thick. The natural color displays beneath a clear oil finish. The storybook style is typical of wands used by wizards in training.

Gothic Dragon Shield


This Gothic Dragon shield was carved from spruce slats glued up at a 5° pitch. The design was from a friend’s tattoo. We added the depth and border. The bolts are hand ground steel and torched. The finish is Prairie Bench Storybook with a touch of dark walnut and polyurethane. This battle shield has an iron handle wound with natural rope for grip.


The size is 24″ wide by 36″ approx.


Carved Wooden Sword

This sword replica is hand carved from a selection of Sitka Spruce and finished with light rub of Prairie Bench Storybook stain and polyurethane. The total length is approximately 42″.