Purple Heart Juniper Stump


This is project is now ready to proceed. A sample of purple heart juniper was tested on the lathe and several small pieces were made including a goblet and a pen and ink holder. Now the stump is dry and ready to be carved. Ideas? We’ve yet to do a garden spirit face. So the wood is on display in the wood shop and hopefully the face will become apparent within all those grains.

The intricate twisting shape has a lot of possibilities…


A single blade was used like a paint brush on a canvas to remove the bark. The piece sits securely on a work table. Keep hands clear and pick at the bark with downward strokes. The carver uses a Kershaw 1830 blade.


The heart wood inside has a rich purple color when exposed and coated in finishing oil.


Cedar Benches


These are approximately 48″ long and 15″ wide x 18″ tall. Ideal for hallways, entry ways, and patios. The 2″ thick cedar slabs are finished to 180 grit and coated in clear poly. The legs are hand fashioned from the same slab and with bark highlights.


pb cedar slab benches 1

pb cedar slab benches 3

pb cedar slab benches 4

pb cedar slab benches 2