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prairie bench old plank wood tables

Now serving… one kitchen table and one matching coffee table, coming right up. A new duo for a new home that uses barn fence planks. The wood is fir and spruce with Prairie Bench rustic finish and polished with durable polyurethane. The table top is notched and glued then set with hardwood hazelnut dowels. The legs are 3″x4″ posts with gussets.

You can also have a trestle design with a center beam that makes a handy footrest.

Approximate size: 26″ tall, 32″ wide, 42″ long. Coffee table: 17″ tall.

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  1. I would like to know your prices for a small kitchen table please. Possibly in a lighter finish? Also a bench. I love the reclaimed wood, but have a budget.
    Thank you so much.


    • Hi Lisa, for a small kitchen table, 27″ tall x 32″ wide x 24″ long we have some spruce planks we’ve been saving for such a project. With a light sand and finish, we could do it up for about $150 and up. Spruce is a very pretty wood with lots of character grain, but it is a soft wood and gets some nicks and scratches. In the end, all the wear just adds beauty.

      We’ve also be saving some tongue and groove cedar barn planks for a project, however the aged cedar will be much darker. There are also old spikes in the cedar which we’ll leave in, but sand to make smooth. These samples are from a famous institution with a long story, so we would need about $400 for a small table.

      We also have three heavy maple slabs, about the size of a narrow bistro table or coffee table. These are live edge, rough cut slabs that would look fantastic as a kitchen nook table. We’d need about $500 to have one of these turned into a table.

      For most clients, we work within their budget. They say, “I have $200 for a table, what can you do?” We pick the right wood for the design, then we do it.

      Shipping local is no problem, but for regional and international, we’ll provide an estimate using UPS air or Fedex ground.

      Thanks again,

      thanks for

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