Reclaimed Fir Coffee Table and Footstool

A few years back, we received several fir floorboards recovered from demolition at the Riverview Hospital site. The institution was constructed around 1913 and the boards looked worn, scratched, and were full of old square head nails. The tongue and groove planks were in different thicknesses, but we were able to pair up some matching sizes.

In order to focus on the floorboards, we tried several table designs including wood frames and legs. In the end, we settled on steel hairpin legs from Rusty Garden (on Amazon) in 2 sizes: 12″ and 16″. The footstool would fit underneath the coffee table. Minimal sanding of the boards removed any burrs or slivers. A mix of 30% thinner plus 70% polyurethane was used to seal the wood in a thin layer without gloss, giving it a light sheen and a handworn look. The fitted boards were glued with PL polyurethane.

The sizes are: table, 40″x 20″x 18″tall; footstool, 22″x14″x14″tall.

Numbered 06-06-19 as a set. Check back, we have used the ends of the reclaimed boards from this project to make a small end table … reclaimed-reclaimed wood!

Old Plank Tables

prairie bench old plank wood tables

Now serving… one kitchen table and one matching coffee table, coming right up. A new duo for a new home that uses barn fence planks. The wood is fir and spruce with Prairie Bench rustic finish and polished with durable polyurethane. The table top is notched and glued then set with hardwood hazelnut dowels. The legs are 3″x4″ posts with gussets.

You can also have a trestle design with a center beam that makes a handy footrest.

Approximate size: 26″ tall, 32″ wide, 42″ long. Coffee table: 17″ tall.

Rustic Reclaimed Pine Coffee Table

We received a load of reclaimed pine planks last season. Now we are starting to look at some ways to use them.  After pulling nails and compressing the boards to straighten them, we planed and sanded the stock to discover some unique dark tones and grain. For the first batch, pine patio tables with a trick hood—the top is split and opens up to reveal a storage box, or cubby, for entertaining supplies, favorite reading material or games.

Size: 20x20x20 and 24x24x20 (shown). Finished in natural color and rosewood oil.

Series numbers: 82-BL-05-12 and 83-BL-05-12 (shown)