Wolf Throne


Continuing with the Elk and Wolf Dining Project, the frames for the two thrones are complete. Each uses hazelnut posts with balsam fir supports. The backboard and seat are Sitka Spruce. The dowels are hazelnut and hemlock. No screws or nails are used, just glue and pressure. The posts were measured to fit then hand chiseled to fit the interlocking fir supports. No stain was used, just clear finish and some charcoal was sanded into the joints.

Prairie_Bench_wolf_throne_3  Prairie_Bench_wolf_throne_2

The hazelnut posts are  grown onsite and have a muscular, sinew look with a slight purple hue. The spruce backboard is from an old log claimed from the Fraser river by a local tug operator.  The arms have carved paws and there a some roughed meadow leaves and branches on the edges and seat. When sitting, the wolf appears to be looking over your shoulder, a bit scary and intimidating for your subjects. That’s the look we wanted!





The seat had a natural band that seems to create a scene with a knot moon in the background. Wood contains it’s own art, but it was fun to add our carving of a wolf. So much fun, we made a spruce shield to indicate when the Wolf King or Queen was in town. If the shield is hanging on the throne, the wolf is around.


Check back to see the Elk throne. It’s almost done.


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  1. Just would like to say the wolf throne
    Is absolutely beautiful. Also very curious
    on how much one would cost. My son
    loves wolves and I think he would absolutely
    love one.

    • Hi Linda, thank you so much for visiting. Thrones in rustic spruce planks cost approximately $800 and hardwood logs (pictured) are about $1500. Another alternative is a medieval wolf shield to display on the wall which would be about $700 depending on design. Shipping is additional.

      We are in our rainy season so projects take a little longer. We work outside with forges, chisels just like in the past. No watches or cellphones… but we do check comments!

      Thanks again.

  2. Good evening, I’m trying to get your contact information so I can send a direct email and not just a comment because the “contact us” tab is not working…contact me as soon as you can…thank you

    • Hi
      Thanks for your interest in the Wolf Throne. Each piece is custom made using selected wood we grow onsite, or reclaimed from choice pieces of prior use wood.
      The throne is made from hazelnut and spruce and each finished throne is a little different.
      What sort of time frame are you looking at? Many projects have to dry for quite awhile.
      Also, we do not arrange any shipping. We provide weight and dimensions, but insurance/broker fees/shipping costs are arranged by the client.
      Depending on custom carving, the wolf throne can be $1500+
      Hope this helps, and again thank you for noticing our work!
      at Prairie Bench

      • Good evening, the time frame i am looking for is delivery within the next 2-3 months…email me with how your payment process works… I will send you the image that I’m looking carved into the chair.

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