Knight’s Shield

This is an original design for a patron who requested a knight’s shield to display. It is fully functional defensive armor for various axe, sword or arrow affronts.

The ‘Knight of Sword and Cross Shield’ was created in spruce. The frame was cut and glued, then a design was sketched. Next the design components were chiseled and sanded. Then the shield was stained in Prairie Bench Storybook and finished in polyurethane. The rivets or ‘clavos’ were fired from bolts and the heads were ground. These are to dull the opponents’ blade in battle. A handle was fired and bolted to the back. Finally, the shield is branded and hand numbered.

Designed in spruce. 32″ tall. Finished in Prairie Bench Storybook. #17-03-11-BL


Gothic Dragon Shield


This Gothic Dragon shield was carved from spruce slats glued up at a 5° pitch. The design was from a friend’s tattoo. We added the depth and border. The bolts are hand ground steel and torched. The finish is Prairie Bench Storybook with a touch of dark walnut and polyurethane. This battle shield has an iron handle wound with natural rope for grip.


The size is 24″ wide by 36″ approx.


Castle and Horse Shield

House of Paul

A new shield for the ‘House of Paul’.

This medieval style crest was created on spruce planks molded and sanded to size. The client uses a stallion image over a castle and their initials. Ideally suited for over a hearth or threshold to indicate the household.

Each plank was carved individually by our friends’ at for custom signs and 3D cnc work, then we assembled, glued, and pressed the pieces together. Then the shield was cut out and reinforced with struts. After sanding and shaping, it’s finished in polyurethane and Prairie Bench Storybook. Approx size 32″ x 24″

House of Paul

Check back for updated photos soon.


Grand Battle Shield

Prairie bench medieval shield 272 3 

This immense piece of defensive equipment would have to be carried by a few helpers while the knight did sword work around them. For one person to wield the Grand Battle Shield… they’d have to be strong.

Prairie bench medieval shield 272 1

The shield uses seven hand planed spruce timbers taken down to 1.5″ thick on a 5% curve. The diamond design is enhanced with 14 axe-breaking steel bolts called clavos. There is also evidence of several major sword and axe hits that look easily shrugged off by the battle shield. The edges are beveled and the back has laminated supports and burnt edges. You’re getting a sneak peek. There’s one more layer of poly finish and the wound iron handles yet to attach. We’re letting the wood breathe a little longer before it gets prepped for travel.

Prairie Bench shield 272 Prairie bench medieval shield 272 4

The Grand Battle Shield will hang on the wall with an easy- to- adjust burnt iron chain and 100 lb hook, when not in use.

Prairie Bench shield 272

Size: 45″ x 36″
Weight: approx 50 lbs, 20 kgs
Designed in Spruce and finished with Prairie Bench Storybook. Uses hardwood dowels and hand tooled steel clavos.

Stag Shield

Prairie Bench Stag Shield 3

One of the larger shields we make, the Stag Shield. Approximately 30″ x 42″ and designed in spruce with hemlock dowels. The shield is hand carved with a precision etching of a stag image. This is a functional wooden shield complete with iron hand grip and winding, and a leather sleeve. Total weight is about 20 lbs (8 kg). The Stag Shield is finished in Prairie Bench Storybook with a durable polyurethane clear coat to preserve the color and finish.

Prairie Bench Stag Shield 9 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 8 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 7

Designed as a wall hanging, this piece can also serve in a defensive capacity. FYI, the curved top on these medieval shield designs is functional and a knight would balance the lance on the shield, resting the shaft in the curve while riding into battle.

Prairie Bench Stag Shield 2 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 4 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 6 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 5