Garden Picture Frame and Mirror

prairiebench_garden_picture_frame 4

Another piece of wood on the todo pile was this interesting live edge cut of hemlock. There wasn’t enough length to create a table and the wood grain is interesting enough that in this case, form doesn’t need function. We’ve dubbed it the Garden Picture Frame.

The piece is 30″ square, hand ground and finished in weather resistant Prairie Bench Storybook finish. We might commission a painting, but for now it will sit on a rough cut easel and provide a simple window on imagination.


Update: We’ve added a mirror!


Yellow Cedar Stand

This is a beautiful example of yellow cedar in a 1/2″ slab. The ends became legs and the top was sanded to 220 grit then coated in poly. The result, a stunning example of color and grain. This piece will make an end table or TV stand.

Dimensions: 12″ wide x 20″ long x 16″ tall.

pb yellow cedar stand1

pb yellow cedar stand2

pb yellow cedar stand3


Cookery Table and Benches

Five piece cookery table and benches. 42"L x 28"W.
Five piece cookery table and benches. 42″L x 28″W.


A client asked for a version of our Country Lunch Bar with some storybook flair. We designed it a little smaller and included some unique features to make the pieces more memorable. The set is sturdy for heavy chores and constructed with dowel plugs for added support.

#125 – 129 BL 01-13