Crown Throne

Prairie Bench crown throne replica 1


Prairie Bench has designed another replica throne for use on stage and in traveling campaigns… it’s portable!

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The Crown Throne is 6′ tall, 27″ wide, with a seat height of 18″. The throne is for traveling and comes apart in five pieces. It takes less than a minute to set up or dismantle, making the Crown Throne a piece of furniture ideal for royalty on the move.

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Designed in reclaimed spruce headed for the chipper, we take pride in giving new life to used wood and preserving the trees we have. The finish is Prairie Bench Storybook with rich walnut tones. There are 13 glass ‘onyx’ jewels on the backboard and the crown is positioned to hover over his or her highness. The middle of the backboard and frontspiece are open in case the patron requires some custom engraving such as a name or crest. The armrests are beveled in an elegant design and the seat is hand ground for comfort.

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The component parts are left side, right side, frontspiece, seat and backboard and the entire throne weighs less than 20 kgs.

Designed in reclaimed spruce
Finished in Prairie Bench Storybook and polyurethane.



Wooden Owl Mask

prairie bench owl mask 273 1

The Owl mask is a representation of a local Barred Owl which lives in our region. It’s designed in spruce and approximately 20″ in diameter. Hand carved, it’s one of our most popular shield designs. The process includes pencil sketch of the features, chiseling the appropriate thickness and then cutting in the lines for feathers. The Owl Mask is finished in Prairie Bench Storybook tones. The mask would use a peg as a handle, but for the size of this project we’re using wooden grips. There’s a checkerboard pattern on the beak. The bare spruce will age golden and it seemed to give the design a medieval touch.

prairie bench owl mask 273 2


prairie bench owl mask 273 5

Hand carved feathers.

prairie bench owl mask 273 4

Chiseled features.

Prairie Bench owl 1b

Peering from a spruce tree

prairie bench owl mask 273 6

Through the eyes of the owl.

Prairie Bench owl 1a

Backlit at night


Prairie Bench Throne in Concert


Local metal band Altered Throne sought a stage prop for their act and brought the request to Prairie Bench.

The entire frame buckles together and can be wheeled, or broken down into four components: two sides, the back board and the seat. Hardwood plugs guide the pieces together and steel clasps lock everything in position. The seat also locks the sides together. The throne can be assembled in under a minute and is designed for strength.

Made entirely of spruce and finished in Prairie Bench’s  Storybook theme. The backboard is engraved with the band’s logo.

See more of the throne here: #J95-BL-07-12

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