Rusty Door Lock and Knob

This was a little treasure found in a wayward door beyond repair. The hardware was extracted carefully and the wood was so rotted, compressed air and a brush did most of the work.

One half was installed on a faux door with a trinket ledge. This false door is made of “cherry preserves”, left over hardwood bits from an import pallet. It measures approx. 36″x12″ The ledge is about 8″ wide and the planks are 3″ wide. The knob and keyhole plate was unaltered to keep the layers of old paint with glints of metal coming through corrosion. A thin, clear layer of polyurethane encases the relic—kind of like plastic wrap.

The lock, plate, and remaining door knob were presented to a student locksmith as a gift. No key was recovered, but markings on the lock indicate a stamp: CORBIN. Have fun picking it. If a key can be made, the components will be put back together again.