Cedar Barn Plank Card Table

An old collapsing barn furnished cedar planks for a card table. The project started with the discovery of a set of 4 folding table legs. The planks were cut to size, sanded, glued and clamped. The old nails, staples and defects were left in, sanded flush and coated with layers of finish. A blond spruce slat was added for dividing line between two competitors. We are still debating changing the original color of the legs to something more “rusty”. We’ll post photos of the final decision.

Polyurethane is the finish. No stain is used. The size is approx. 33″x33″ and 27″ tall. The piece weighs less than 20lbs (8 kgs). Click images to expand.


Western Dining Table

prairiebench country dining 1

This is a western style dining table made from reclaimed untreated spruce planks and finished in our Country rustic and polyurethane for easy care. We used a water-based stain on this piece to ensure food safe use. The poly top coat dries to a durable finish.

The table is 4.5′ x 5′ with four 6″ thick corner posts. The table is 28 7/8″ tall, allowing for a floor protector which makes the table exactly 29″.

prairiebench country dining 8

The table surface planks are offset slightly to give a real rustic feel and touch. We also used a hand planer to add texture before sanding smooth. The post and beam design allows the table to be taken apart and moved. Also, the posts are inset to allow lots of leg room and easy access. The table surface is two pieces which buckle together in the middle and lock down at the edges. When installed onsite, there are four bolts which hold the beams to the posts. It’s big and heavy and will easily host eight people sitting comfortably around.

#11-6-14-BL designed in spruce and finished in Prairie Bench Country Rustic and polyurethane. 54″x60″x 29″ tall. This custom table is on its way to a new homeĀ  and we wish the owners lots of happy feasting.

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