Wooden Owl Mask

prairie bench owl mask 273 1

The Owl mask is a representation of a local Barred Owl which lives in our region. It’s designed in spruce and approximately 20″ in diameter. Hand carved, it’s one of our most popular shield designs. The process includes pencil sketch of the features, chiseling the appropriate thickness and then cutting in the lines for feathers. The Owl Mask is finished in Prairie Bench Storybook tones. The mask would use a peg as a handle, but for the size of this project we’re using wooden grips. There’s a checkerboard pattern on the beak. The bare spruce will age golden and it seemed to give the design a medieval touch.

prairie bench owl mask 273 2


prairie bench owl mask 273 5

Hand carved feathers.

prairie bench owl mask 273 4

Chiseled features.

Prairie Bench owl 1b

Peering from a spruce tree

prairie bench owl mask 273 6

Through the eyes of the owl.

Prairie Bench owl 1a

Backlit at night


Owl Woodcut Shield

This is our second woodcut owl shield/mask. Designed at 70% of the size of our original owl shield, this version replicates a small Phoenician or Mycenaean defensive shield used in close contact. As a mask, the owl represents the forest watcher and sage, the wise storyteller with intuitive insight.

The owl woodcut is approximately 18″ across with a five degree barrel curve. There are no screws or nails in the design which maximizes use of our reclaimed fir and spruce stock. This owl is finished in a chocolate walnut stain and lightly sanded on the outer feathers to give the appearance of our local Barred Owl.

Signed original: #110-BL-10-12