Hall Coat Rack Bench

prairiebench_hall_tree 3

Take a look at our new Hall Coat Rack Bench, sometimes called a ‘hall tree’, but we didn’t want to confuse it with the furniture we make out of actual tree branches.

It’s tall and narrow and designed custom to fit a specific space at the side entry of a residence. 18″ deep x 23″ wide and 76″ tall (over six feet). The seat height is 17″. It include a shoe shelf underneath the plank seat. We wanted something a little more elegant and ornate and the client selected a rich walnut color to contrast with the bright surroundings and window. We gave the spruce design our Prairie Bench storybook treatment and turned it into a period piece perhaps from a castle or ancient church. This is what we do with reclaimed and recycled wood.

prairiebench_hall_tree 2 prairiebench_hall_tree 1

Hall Coat Rack Bench
18″ deep x 23″ wide and 76″ tall
Reclaimed spruce with 3 brass coat hooks
Prairie Bench Storybook Stain


Birch Fireplace Mantle

Hawleyscape Tree birch 01

At the request of a client, we found a local piece of parkland birch harvested by a certified cutter. The log was cut into two slabs, then one slab was cut again into posts. Next, ten months to dry.

Inside we found some luxurious dark chocolate heartwood. We decided to preserve the birch bark, sanding it lightly to apply an even poly finish.

inlay gravel adds natural depth

inlay gravel adds natural depth

The surface was ground, then sanded. The core of the heartwood had some deep crevices, which we filled with river gravel and applied a layer of 2 stage cold poly to create the look of water.

Installation was easy using a flat steel bar moored to the wall studs. The mantle was predrilled with 4″ lag bolts and the lock nuts aligned with the thickness of the drywall. The result is an eighty pound log floating on the wall securely. The pillars were fit to cedar shoes and pegged. The mantle was set on top, clicked into place, and then the lock nuts were tightened. This allowed us to install the mantle with minimal destruction to the drywall. We only had to cut a three inch strip to mount the flat bar.

The client now intends to fill the area inside the mantle with stained glass. We’ll post pics when it’s done. Wood source: hawleyscape.com