Woodland Oak Bench

Prairie Bench oak slab 01

This wonderful piece of English Oak came to us locally. The harvester saved it for the unique grain with a lot of character. We didn’t have enough material to do the seat and legs, so we used some sections from a dried alder round that was saved for a special purpose. The result is a very heavy boot bench for an entry way or alcove.

Prairie Bench oak slab 8

The live edge was left on and the entire piece is sanded to a smooth finish and coated in polyurethane in case it has stay on the patio. There are no screws or metal in the design. Each leg was notched to slide into the seat sideways with a few taps of the mallet.  This final was eventually glued with PL 8x for a permanent bond. The bottoms are also sealed with a waterproof poly cement.  This oak bench is big, heavy and will last a long, long time.

#135 BL 06 13
Approx: 18″ tall x 16″ deep x 48″ wide
Wood source: hawleyscape.com

Prairie Bench oak slab 6