Hand Carved Cherry Maple Pipe

Two woods, a maple bowl, and a Brazilian cherry sample, were hand whittled into a pipe with a rabbet joint that snuggly fits together. A natural twine cord was added to seal the connection. The tricky part of this project was boring a 3/16″ hole. The finished length is approximately 9″ (22cm) and the pipe is presented in a natural cedar dovetailed box lined with cedar sprigs. A natural oil is used on the surface to prevent splits and a beeswax finish give the pipe a pleasing luster.






Carved Wizard Wand


This is a wand carved from a hazelnut branch and bears an affirmation in runic Middle Earth script. It is approximately 15″ long and 1.5″ thick. The natural color displays beneath a clear oil finish. The storybook style is typical of wands used by wizards in training.

Gothic Dragon Shield


This Gothic Dragon shield was carved from spruce slats glued up at a 5° pitch. The design was from a friend’s tattoo. We added the depth and border. The bolts are hand ground steel and torched. The finish is Prairie Bench Storybook with a touch of dark walnut and polyurethane. This battle shield has an iron handle wound with natural rope for grip.


The size is 24″ wide by 36″ approx.


Stag Shield

Prairie Bench Stag Shield 3

One of the larger shields we make, the Stag Shield. Approximately 30″ x 42″ and designed in spruce with hemlock dowels. The shield is hand carved with a precision etching of a stag image. This is a functional wooden shield complete with iron hand grip and winding, and a leather sleeve. Total weight is about 20 lbs (8 kg). The Stag Shield is finished in Prairie Bench Storybook with a durable polyurethane clear coat to preserve the color and finish.

Prairie Bench Stag Shield 9 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 8 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 7

Designed as a wall hanging, this piece can also serve in a defensive capacity. FYI, the curved top on these medieval shield designs is functional and a knight would balance the lance on the shield, resting the shaft in the curve while riding into battle.

Prairie Bench Stag Shield 2 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 4 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 6 Prairie Bench Stag Shield 5


Wooden Owl Mask

prairie bench owl mask 273 1

The Owl mask is a representation of a local Barred Owl which lives in our region. It’s designed in spruce and approximately 20″ in diameter. Hand carved, it’s one of our most popular shield designs. The process includes pencil sketch of the features, chiseling the appropriate thickness and then cutting in the lines for feathers. The Owl Mask is finished in Prairie Bench Storybook tones. The mask would use a peg as a handle, but for the size of this project we’re using wooden grips. There’s a checkerboard pattern on the beak. The bare spruce will age golden and it seemed to give the design a medieval touch.

prairie bench owl mask 273 2


prairie bench owl mask 273 5
Hand carved feathers.

prairie bench owl mask 273 4
Chiseled features.

Prairie Bench owl 1b
Peering from a spruce tree

prairie bench owl mask 273 6
Through the eyes of the owl.

Prairie Bench owl 1a
Backlit at night