Purple Heart Juniper Stump


This is project is now ready to proceed. A sample of purple heart juniper was tested on the lathe and several small pieces were made including a goblet and a pen and ink holder. Now the stump is dry and ready to be carved. Ideas? We’ve yet to do a garden spirit face. So the wood is on display in the wood shop and hopefully the face will become apparent within all those grains.

The intricate twisting shape has a lot of possibilities…


A single blade was used like a paint brush on a canvas to remove the bark. The piece sits securely on a work table. Keep hands clear and pick at the bark with downward strokes. The carver uses a Kershaw 1830 blade.


The heart wood inside has a rich purple color when exposed and coated in finishing oil.


Purple Heart Goblet


pb juniper purple heart 3



Every now and then we find a piece of wood so unique all work stops until we get a chance to play with our new treasure. This week: Purple Heart Juniper.

We received a trunk of juniper to create something and discovered a striking band of purple heart wood that ran through the entire sample.

We commissioned a local wood maestro, Designs by Tomas, to lathe samples into something that would show off the unique characteristics.The result is a stunning goblet and a matching bowl. The sample is finished in beeswax.


pb juniper purple heart 2

pb juniper purple heart 1

pb juniper purple heart 5