Family Crest

Prairie_Bench_family_crest 01

In the heraldic tradition, we’ve completed a family crest in a wood cut design on spruce. Read more here…

This is not a shield, as the armor version would include iron strapping and bolts, as well as hand grip and sleeve. Check back for that one soon.

After the edges were flamed, the design had a brisk resand with 100 grit to blur any soot and scuff up the chisel marks. The finish is a mix of Prairie Bench Storybook with a lot of mineral spirits, 3 to 1. This gives a dirty, aged colour and brings out the grey tones.

A diluted mix of International Red was painted on the lion and the rear flag. Then the crest received several coats of poly, but not too much because the dry look adds to the age.

A heavy gauge picture wire is connected to a bracket then screwed to the rear for hanging .

Prairie_Bench_family_crest 05 Prairie_Bench_family_crest 04 Prairie_Bench_family_crest 03 Prairie_Bench_family_crest 02#255-bl-1-14
Approx size: 32″x21″ with 5% curve. Spruce finished in polyurethane.