Hand Carved Wooden Crest

prairie bench oleary crest 1

Take a look at the progress of a hand carved wooden crest for the Family O’Leary. It’s part of a promo we’re doing at a new store in town.

prairie bench oleary crest 3 prairie bench oleary crest 4a

prairie bench oleary crest 2

Also… we put together an ‘ancient’ spruce wooden crest. First a sketch with ye ol carpenter’s pencil. Then rough out the shapes with a sharp chisel, then get fancy with a grinding wheel and some carving knives. We used spruce planks and didn’t plane them for a rough, hewn look. Next, we’ll cut the final shape, burn the edges, throw in some sword gouges and four hundred years of weather. Crests are fun to do because we learn something about the family history. This includes a sword and gantlet, crown, helmet, three masted ship, the crest, plumage, and a red lion. Check back to see the final piece when we’ve aged it and added a few battles.