Friends have designed and built their own CNC machine (computerized 3D carving). At, we had the opportunity to pass along some new designs to our patrons.

We’ve run coasters, throne backboards, shields, address signs, wall hangings and interior decor. Now we can design complex carving paths and produce art and functional wood creations.


We will be trying out ideas and new patterns in our projects. Check back for our latest creations, or if you require custom wooden signs, crests, or plaques… leave us a comment with your email.

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Castle and Horse Shield

House of Paul

A new shield for the ‘House of Paul’.

This medieval style crest was created on spruce planks molded and sanded to size. The client uses a stallion image over a castle and their initials. Ideally suited for over a hearth or threshold to indicate the household.

Each plank was carved individually by our friends’ at for custom signs and 3D cnc work, then we assembled, glued, and pressed the pieces together. Then the shield was cut out and reinforced with struts. After sanding and shaping, it’s finished in polyurethane and Prairie Bench Storybook. Approx size 32″ x 24″

House of Paul

Check back for updated photos soon.