The Owl

This barred owl has prowled the local farms from dusk to dawn and occasionally stops in for visits. We believe this is a young owl by its curiosity and its tidy, short feathers. An older barred owl also visits and looks a little tired and ragged at the tips. The older owl has grander feather cones around the eyes.

An older barred owl watches from above.



The owl is not shy and will sit if you approach calmly and talk to it. The behavior resembles a cat. This owl grooms, preens, and observes our activity. The body size is approximately 40 cm. The talons are very intimidating.


The owl moves about the hazelnuts and is often in a tree that over hangs a small foot bridge. This is a good spot to watch activity on both banks.

Inspired by our visitor, a simple drawing was created to show the calm presence of the owl in its natural habitat. A ‘live edge’ border gives outline to a scene. The drawing was created as an inverse for printing on ‘night’ backgrounds, and as a positive for printing on ‘day’ backgrounds.


We are printing several versions of the owl in ‘day’ and ‘night’ designs. Full sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, and more. We’ll make them available soon! Click here and check out Prairie Bench Fashion….

If you are interested in our original design of the barred owl on a shirt, let us know. will also provide t-shirts to help support local animal rescue.

Owl Woodcut Shield

This is our second woodcut owl shield/mask. Designed at 70% of the size of our original owl shield, this version replicates a small Phoenician or Mycenaean defensive shield used in close contact. As a mask, the owl represents the forest watcher and sage, the wise storyteller with intuitive insight.

The owl woodcut is approximately 18″ across with a five degree barrel curve. There are no screws or nails in the design which maximizes use of our reclaimed fir and spruce stock. This owl is finished in a chocolate walnut stain and lightly sanded on the outer feathers to give the appearance of our local Barred Owl.

Signed original: #110-BL-10-12