Cedar Scrying Bowl Trial

prairie_bench_scrying_bowl 2a

As it is Friday the thirteenth, we agreed tonight would be a wonderful time to test out our cedar scrying bowl and see if we could catch a glimpse of the future.

prairie_bench_scrying_bowl 3

prairie_bench_scrying_bowl 4

Click here to see how we put it together.

There was a half moon tonight and we got some reflection photos with the bowl filled with water. That wee white light is the moon through our dusty shop camera. And yes you could see stars in the scrying bowl. Also, an interesting phenomenon happens: Once you catch a star’s reflection in the bowl, slowly move away and the image appears to magnify.  As our distance from the bowl increased, the reflection grew visibly larger.  The basin depth is quite shallow, yet it held almost a liter of water before trickling over the edge. With the surface so polished, the water held together like mercury. Candle light illuminated the meniscus (the surface edge where water meets solid) with a striking red tone.

prairie_bench_scrying_bowl 5

Did we see the future? If so, the future looked a lot like the now. It was a very interesting trial of an ancient wooden invention. Nostradamus should have published a manual. Now we need to find a home for the scrying bowl, or somewhere to be enjoyed. Maybe in a forest glade?

prairie_bench_scrying_bowl 6
A solitary moon’s reflection in the scrying bowl

Happy Friday the thirteenth!