Crown Throne

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Prairie Bench has designed another replica throne for use on stage and in traveling campaigns… it’s portable!

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The Crown Throne is 6′ tall, 27″ wide, with a seat height of 18″. The throne is for traveling and comes apart in five pieces. It takes less than a minute to set up or dismantle, making the Crown Throne a piece of furniture ideal for royalty on the move.

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Designed in reclaimed spruce headed for the chipper, we take pride in giving new life to used wood and preserving the trees we have. The finish is Prairie Bench Storybook with rich walnut tones. There are 13 glass ‘onyx’ jewels on the backboard and the crown is positioned to hover over his or her highness. The middle of the backboard and frontspiece are open in case the patron requires some custom engraving such as a name or crest. The armrests are beveled in an elegant design and the seat is hand ground for comfort.

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The component parts are left side, right side, frontspiece, seat and backboard and the entire throne weighs less than 20 kgs.

Designed in reclaimed spruce
Finished in Prairie Bench Storybook and polyurethane.



Replica Medieval Fantasy Throne

This solid spruce throne with Prairie Bench Storybook finish was designed for stage shows. It is very stable and heavy, built so the performers could sit and climb all over it.

It is termed ‘a replica’ because we used metal screws for added strength. In our traditional medieval thrones we use no metal in the frame construction and they are authentic thrones. The back and seat are ground with disk sander and gouged to look battle worn. Dragon bites are also visible.

93-BL-06-12 Solid reclaimed spruce and finished in dark walnut stain and polyurethane finish.

6′ 5″ tall. Seat height 18″, and approximately 29″ square. Click images to enlarge.